A Powerful Coaching Intensive For ambitious, determined and driven female Entrepreneurs who want to Overcome their fears & Limiting Beliefs, get unstuck and FAST TRACK their success in JUST ONE DAY

Wednesday 1st May 2019, BUDAPEST, Hungary


For the new or aspiring service based entrepreneur

Do you have dreams of launching your own Freedom Based Business but are currently stuck in the 9-5 without a clear idea of how to change your situation? You’d love to quit the 9-5 and start your freedom business asap (like yesterday) but want to have a clear strategy and plan in place before you quit your job.  

Or, have you recently started your business but are struggling to get traction and are drowning in fear, tech overwhelm and confusion whilst your limiting beliefs threaten to overpower you and crush your business dreams?

If you’re being honest, you’re even starting to wonder if you’ll ever get to where you want to be.


You’re probably...

  • Tired of stopping and starting with your business dreams. Making slow progress on some days whilst barely moving forward at all on others as those same fears and doubts keep creeping up again and again. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of making a mistake, fear of what others will think.

  • Looking around at other entrepreneurs who seem to have it all figured out and feeling completely inferior. You wonder if you will ever get there and the constant comparisonitis is making you second guess and doubt yourself even though you know you have a big message to share.

  • Feeling awkward around claiming your expertise in your area and instead are asking yourself questions like “who am I to do this?”, “who will buy from me?” and imposter syndrome is coming up in overdrive. You know you’re hiding in your biz and WANT to show up as the woman you’re meant to be, but you can’t get out of you own way.

  • Totally annoyed with how whilst you’ve excelled at everything else you’ve done in life (you’re an over achiever academically or flew up the corporate ladder) but this business thing is just stumping you and you can’t seem to figure out why. You’re either totally shattered after a day at work to get anything done or spending hours “working” on your business but when you look back on what you’ve actually achieved it’s very little.

  • You have no idea how to position yourself, what your message is and the thought of someone actually working with you is making you more nervous than you’d care to admit. The idea of charging your worth is a far flung fantasy at the moment.

I get it because I’ve been there – and the good news for you?

I know exactly how to overcome these pesky fears and beliefs so that they no longer get in the way of you going after your dreams.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to the fears, mindset blocks, limiting beliefs and insecurities then I have just the thing for you ……


The VIP Private One Day Intensive

A full day of coaching and business mentoring to help you overcome your fears, create the mindset for success and get started with your dream business.

What exactly is a One One Day Intensive?

A One Day Intensive is a full, highly focused and tailored day of Coaching where we work closely to clarify your big goals and vision around your business, identify any stumbling blocks, mindset issues and insecurities, and map out of a plan of action to make your goals a reality.

It’s strategy, mindset, goals, action, accountability and personal and professional transformation in a day.

Oh and did I mention the gorgeous setting and a spectacular lunch! (a girl’s got to do things in style right!).

You’ll discover the exact steps you need to take to go from floundering in your life and business to flourishing. All the while developing that rock-solid mindset that is going to skyrocket your success.

We will spend a full day together and dive deep into your specific challenges, desires, and goals.

The Intensive is individually tailored to you and I will make sure you get the support you need as well the desired outcome for the day (or we don’t go home!)

The Intensive will give you the chance to experience the laptop lifestyle in action. You will see clearly how it is possible to build a business aligned with who you are, serving your tribe and bringing your unique gift to the world all the while working from anywhere. You’ll also see that you don’t need to spend forever to get there.



How will a One Day Intensive Help Me?

A One Day Intensive will compress your timeline in a major way. Think business building on steroids!

We will focus on the critical next steps from where you are and where you want to be. No fluff, no filler, no BS because ain’t nobody got time for that!

You’re a woman on a mission and we’re going to get you there in lightning speed.

We’ll work on the key needs you have at that time.

  • Need a major mindset overhaul?

  • Got blocks around money and charging your worth?

  • Need to get clarity around your ideal client and messaging? 

  • Need to put together a killer package?

  • Can’t get eyeballs on your offers?

  • Can’t find the right words for your copy?

  • Need to work on automation

  • Need to grasp systems and structures,


Whatever it is that’s blocking you, we’ll banish it for good. In a loving and nurturing way of course..


When you say yes to the Intensive experience, you:

  • Give yourself permission to go after your biggest dreams and show the Universe that you are serious. The Universe can never say no to a woman on a mission. It wouldn’t even dare!

  • Awaken yourself to your true potential and open yourself up to massive and immediate results. I am talking serious compression of your timeline.

  • Can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you don’t have to go it alone and know that you are fully supported in your journey.

  • Open yourself up to abundance and prosperity. Change the old conditioning and stories around wealth and write yourself a new money story.

    Follow your soul’s blueprint and live life completely on purpose. I mean working with your soulmate clients that you love – calling it work feels almost wrong.

  • Emerge revitalised, reinvigorated and raring to get back to your desk and make your freedom business a reality.

I'm passionate about helping women get out of jobs that leave them feeling unfulfilled and stuck, to pursue the freedom based business that they love and is completely and wholly in alignment with who they are and who they want to be.


What if you could:

  • Work from anywhere doing what you love? No more trudging into work reluctantly on a Monday morning, you will literally jump out of bed raring to go.

  • Finally start and grow the business of your dreams. You will find that feeling of accomplishment is second to none when you do that.

  • Work with amazing women, help them create powerful transformations in their lives.

  • Switch from limited, scarcity thinking to an abundance mindset and invite untold money miracles into your life.

  • Stop the business guessing game and take determined and focused action by taking the steps that will get you where you want to be quicker. I’m talking inspired action.

  • Banish fear, confusion, overwhelm, negative and limiting beliefs and tap into the resourceful, passionate and driven woman you know you are.

  • Develop your new “anything is possible” mindset.


Your Freedom Business Starts Here

Ready to know more about how it works?

The work will start before the Intensive.

When you are accepted for an Intensive place, you will be given an extensive Welcome Pack to get clarity around your goals and nail down the exact outcome you want from the intensive.

I want you to get as much out of the Intensive as you possibly can and this Pack will deliver instant clarity and allow me to tailor the day to your needs and priorities.  (I don’t do cookie cutter solutions for my clients).

Some of the topics you may want to consider include:-

  • Creating the mindset for success including identifying and overcoming the hidden limiting beliefs and fears that are keeping you stuck and creating new empowering beliefs in their place.

  • Shifting from an employee to an entrepreneur mindset and stepping into your new identity as the leader of your business.

  • Identify your unique selling points and abilities. Nail down your zone of genius that will make you a client magnet.

  • Pricing up your packages so that you’re not underselling yourself and the amazing work that you do.

  • Becoming more visible in the marketplace. Overcoming the blocks that are stopping you from doing that right now.

  • Packaging up your services into programs that speak directly to your ideal clients.

  • Leveraging your time by having the right systems and structures in place so that you can work smarter not harder.

  • Getting rid of website shame. Building a website that reflects who you are and speaks to your audience.

  • Make way for self care and self love in your routine so that you are not working yourself into the ground and getting resentful towards your business.

  • Elevating your Wealth Consciousness to remove the money blocks responsible for your financial underachievement. Finally earn the money that reflects your true ability. Opening yourself up to receive the wealth and abundance you deserve.

  • Building your list using both paid and organic traffic. Identifying the marketing channels that play to your strengths. Crafting a sales funnel that brings your ideal clients to you, so you don't have to go chasing them. 


it’s time to intensify your success and impact this year

and become unstoppable

Its time for you to tap into that powerful person you’re meant to be and fast forward to your dream life and business.



Please note this may vary according to your requirements and what we focus on during the Intensive.

9.15-9.30 Welcome Coffee

9.30-11.00am 90 Minute Coaching Session – Breaking through those blocks

11.00-11.15 Morning Break

11.15-12.45pm - 90 Minute Coaching & Strategy Session

12.45pm-1.30pm Lunch

1.30pm-3.00pm 90 Minute Coaching & Strategy Session

3.00pm-3.45pm 90-Day Planning Session with post Intensive Action Plan

3.45pm – 4.15pm Closing Comments and Questions

5.00pm - 6.30pm - Post Intensive Self Care and Reward






You will start with:


Welcome Packet

A welcome packet you complete before we begin our work together to establish clarity, goal setting, and exactly what you want to accomplish during our journey together. You can’t beat starting as you mean to go on.


And then:


60-Min Pre Intensive Session

A session with Tasmin before the intensive, fill me in on everything about your business dreams, where you want to go, how we’re going to get you there, lay the foundations for some serious progress coming up

Package specifications.png

A One Day VIP Intensive with Tasmin

Work on the areas we have identified during our initial call and from the welcome pack. Including a mixture of mindset, strategy and action to get you moving forward in your business.


60-Min Follow-Up Coaching Session

scheduled 1 week after the intensive. Receive any additional support and to make sure you’re not left overwhelmed and unsupported when the intensive is over.

Unlimited Email access

to Tasmin for laser coaching for two weeks after the intensive is conducted.

Tools, templates, Checklist and Workbooks

My bumper list of personal resources and complete reading list so you don’t have to spend hours on researching what you need as well as Tech Start up guide and access to my team.


Package specifications (1).png

Access to all digital courses Tasmin has created - covering areas such as mindset, journaling, webinars and so much more.




See what’s included at a glance:


materials & resources

An in depth Welcome Packet to complete pre intensive

60 minute Pre-Intensive coaching session 1 week before

A full day of transformational coaching. Face to face Intensives include complimentary tea, coffee and lunch

2 weeks of unlimited email access (after the event)

One 60 minute follow up coaching session Post Intensive

Access to all my PDF guides, course books, tutorials, resources and done for you scripts


You CAN make your Freedom Business a reality and you can make SERIOUS progress on it in this one day. So, it's time to finally stop the Business guessing game. 



Florence leadpage.png

Hey there!

I’m Tasmin, a Mindset & Business Confidence Coach for corporate women who are ready to supercharge their confidence to overcome their fears, limiting beliefs and mindset blocks so that they can finally create the business they desire and transition out of the 9-5.

I‘ve been exactly where you are. After a decade of working in corporate recruitment I was ready for MORE. More impact, more freedom, more flexibility and more life on my terms. But, I felt so stuck in my job and stepping into the whole world of entrepreneurship felt overwhelming and daunting. To top it off, I had zero entrepreneurial background and limiting cultural background which meant I was totally in my own way.

I realised if I was to make my dream happen I had to do some SERIOUS work on my mindset and so I set about transforming my mindset from my negative default setting and zero confidence to believing that I could make things happen. And make it happen I did. I now have my dream business which provides me with the freedom and flexibility I was looking for and I get to work with incredible women from around the world.

I now get that having the right mindset is crucial for success and then when you back that up with the right messaging, systems and structures and coaching support, anything is possible. And that is exactly at the VIP One Day Intensive is designed to provide YOU with.


What is the structure of the Intensive?


There is an example structure above to give you an idea. However, once I have received your completed Welcome Pack & Questionnaire, I will assess what can be achieved in the day and what your expected outcomes are and tailor the structure to best fit your requirements.


I’ve not started my business yet or only started it recently– is this Intensive right for me?

Yes absolutely. The Intensive will give you the clear steps you need to take to get your business off the ground the right way, or to refine your message and attract your ideal clients if you have already started.  It’s also perfect for you if you are still in your 9-5 and struggling to find the time to work on your business. In this intense and focused day, you will make significant progress and take maximum advantage of the limited time you do have available. I don’t call it business building on steroids for nothing! If you don’t have a business idea however, this is not for you.


Is there a payment plan?

Yes there is a payment plan available of 4 instalments of $350 each.


Is there a time limit on when I can take the follow up call?

The follow up call will ideally take place the week after your Intensive although you can delay this for up to a month if you are still working on implementing learnings from the Intensive.

However, to get full value out of the Intensive experience which is to maximise your accountability and progress and get you results quicker, the call must be taken within 4 weeks of the Intensive (sometimes I need to dish out the tough love and this is one such occasion!)


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