4 Reasons Why Slowing Down is the New Speeding Up

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4 Reasons Why Slowing Down is the New Speeding Up

When you’re an entrepreneur starting a business, self-care and relaxation are probably the furthest things from your mind.

It’s not that you don’t care about your health. You know you shouldn’t be staying up until the early hours working on those projects, trying to survive on takeaways, drinking too much coffee and neglecting everything else in your life.

But finding time for self-care feels impossible.

There just isn’t time. You have far too much going on. You’re not willing to sacrifice your business just so you feel more rested.

But did you know that the opposite is true?

Self-care is actually one of the most important aspects of becoming an entrepreneur, and will allow you to feel energetic, motivated and focused even when life is hectic and overwhelming. Here’s more on why it’s so important to slow down.

#1. You’ll become more productive

We tend to think that if we keep working hard, pushing ourselves through our exhaustion and staying busy all the time then we’ll knock more items of that ‘to do’ list. But this just isn’t true.

By slowing down, taking regular breaks and scheduling time to rest, you’ll give your mind, body and spirit a well-deserved rest. You’ll better process any challenges you’re facing, you’ll recharge your batteries and you’ll return to your desk feeling energized, focused and much more productive.

#2. You’ll feel less stressed

Prioritising self-care will also help you feel much less irritated, exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed as you work to grow your business.

Because, let’s face it- being an entrepreneur can be pretty stressful. You spend your day problem solving, working long hours, worrying about making ends meet and pouring your heart and soul into your venture.

If you allow this stress to get the better of you, not only will you struggle to make it through the day, but you won’t be in a place to give the best of yourself to your business either. Self-care matters.

#3. You’ll be able to think more clearly and let your creative juices flow

Have you ever noticed how flashes of inspiration or your most creative business ideas often come appear when you’re busy doing something else, like taking a shower or hitting the treadmill at the gym?

This is because when you’re relaxed and disconnected from work, you have enough mental space to allow your mind to wander and that creative magic can start to flow.

You’ll have the mental space to think more clearly, problem-solve your business challenges with ease, and it will be much easier to make your business a success.

#4. Your health will thank you

The stress and pressure of running a business can really take its toll on your health if you don’t take your foot off the accelerator and take care of yourself.

Otherwise, you’ll struggle to have enough energy to launch your best business ideas, your long-term health issues will flare up, your blood pressure will rise, you’ll start getting struck down with every cold or virus that’s going around, and you’ll find yourself edging closer to something that spells disaster for many businesses.


That’s why it’s essential to dedicate enough time in your day to self-care.

Schedule short breaks through the day such as getting up from your desk, popping to the loo, doing a few stretches, making yourself a cuppa, or even going for a breath of fresh air.

Also find time for longer breaks and holidays away from your desk so you can really disconnect and recharge your batteries.

Finally, find time in your day for simple self-care practices such as getting enough sleep, eating well, staying hydrated, practicing meditation or yoga, taking breaks and getting enough fresh air.

Remember, you are your greatest business asset. Make self-care your priority!


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