3 Steps to Get Out Of Your Own Way and Set Yourself Up For Success

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A couple of years ago I was at a business Mastermind.

I was running my physical products business at the time and we all had turns in the "hot seat" discussing our products and strategies for generating more sales.

There was a fellow entrepreneur who was flying in her business which she had established a few years earlier.

When it was her turn in the hotseat, she was told by the Coach how amazing her business was and how it was prepped for huge growth with the potential to go "nuclear". He ended by saying that the only thing that could stop her is herself.

She replied calmly "I'll just get out of my own way then won't ?I".
It really struck me how firmly and categorically she said that.

Like it was the simplest thing in the world.

I asked her about it after and she told me that she wasn't always like that and she had to do a huge amount of mindset work to get to that stage.

In other words, for a long time, she had very much been in her own way.

This got me thinking how so many times we can get in our own way even when we really want something deep down. I've seen this in myself and the women I work with.

So, if you've ever got in your own way when it comes to making things happen in your business, my latest post for She Owns It sets out 3 Steps To Get Out of Your Own Way and Set Yourself Up for Success.

You can read the post here  

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