3 Mindset Shifts to Make in Your Business for Great Results

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I know that many women have fears, limiting beliefs and resistance that arise when it comes to promoting themselves, getting visible putting themselves "out there" in the online world.

Even though deep down they know they have a big impact to make and are passionate about what they are doing.

I struggled with this myself when I was starting and launching my business and in fact, I for a while, I hid behind another business that I was running which was product based. Hiding behind the product seemed a safe option.  

It was a way for me to remain nameless and faceless and not have to face rejection but it wasn’t the way to do what my heart’s desire was – which was to create my coaching business.

Here are three mindset shifts I made to change my reality.

I believed it was going to be easy

For a while I made all the excuses under the sun about how hard it was to run a business. There weren’t enough hours in the day, the learning curve was too steep, I was crap at technology. Then all the excuses about why it was hard for me in particular. I wasn’t tall (5ft on a good day and I think I shrink a little when I don’t drink my two litres of water!), or pretty, or thin. I even told myself no-one would buy from me because I was Asian!

Ridiculous right!

It’s when I decided that these excuses were not true and were not serving me and when I believed in my message and my ability to help and serve my clients that things started to change. The excuses had to go. Period.

And so did the “it’s all so hard” script. I monitored all the negative thoughts and replaced them all with empowering ones.

I decided it was going to be easy.

And then strange things started to happen.

People sought ME out, I signed up clients in the park (yes really!), the right mentors came to me at the right time. The Universe responded to what I was putting out there and gave me ease.

I'm not saying that building a business isn't without it's ups and downs but you can totally reframe what you think about it and choosing to go for ease rather than struggle and hardship is a much better option. 

I like to think Jim Rohn's words in this situation "here's my definition of "easy." It was something I could do. I figure that if it's something you can do, it's easy."

How reassuring does that sound already right? 

So, what about you? What are you telling yourself about building your business? What stories do you have running through your mind that aren’t serving you? What do you need to get rid of?

I invested in my business with faith

For a while I tried to do things alone in my business. I was coming from being an employee and it wasn’t natural for me to ask for help. In fact, most times, we were told to just get on with things.

I took the same ethos through to my business.

I thought I could figure things out on my own. I thought if I built a website they would come (they didn’t!). I thought that asking for help was a sign of weakness and I thought I could save the money and make it go further. I was wrong.

Asking for help is a sign of strength. It shows that you are saying yes to yourself. That you’re believing in your dreams, your ability to step up and for the Universe to deliver. It’s a leap of faith.

I also realised there was an energetic mismatch between what I was expecting from my clients and what I was doing myself. After all, how could I expect my clients to invest in THEMSELVES if I wasn’t prepared to invest in myself.

So, If you’re trying to sell high end packages expecting people to invest in you when you’re not prepared to invest in yourself, it’s not going to happen. The energy is too mis-matched. So ask yourself – have I invested in myself fully? If not, how can I change that?

I took responsibility for my own success

The first few coaching sessions I ever had with my mentor, I spent a good portion of them complaining about my lot in life. Making excuse after excuse about why I hadn’t made more progress or done more.

By the time a few sessions passed, I was sick of the sound of my own voice and realised I was wasting precious minutes and hours in the coaching call looking back and wallowing, instead of moving forward.

I decided then that I would take responsibility for my success and quit the excuses.

When the excuses went, the results came. Simple.

What about you?

Where are you making excuses?

Which past stories are you clinging onto that you need to let go of?

Where are you not showing up to your fullest?

What changes will you make today to stop that?

If  you’re ready to overcome your fears and mindset blocks and create your dream business, then go ahead and download the Ultimate Confidence Toolkit and Free Audio Training where I share how you can ramp up your confidence and make the mindset shifts you need to make to bring your dream business into reality.



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